Like many (most?) kids that grew up in the 80’s, I had a healthy collection of Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures in the 3 3/4″ (1:18) scale. As an adult (ahem) collector I continue to favor this scale, focusing mostly on those lines that tie-in to the blockbuster movies that have become the norm since we geeks have inherited the earth.

So, this blog will be a recounting of my collection, written in quasi-review form. Hopefully you have happened upon this site and find it useful in making decisions about furthering your own collection. As you will see, I tend to favor “modern” figures, both in terms of release and in terms of theme.  Avengers?  Yes…all of them.  Star Wars? Some, definitely not all. I’ll also strive to relate the figures as close as possible to their source material.  Since these figures represent (in most cases) real people in real costumes, they will be judged in part by how well they reflect that connection, as well as how well they “work” as toys. Enjoy.

Questions?  Comments?  Recommendations? Drop me a line… 3n3quarter@gmail.com

Above all…thanks for reading.

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